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What to expect when you're detoxing


Lately I have been feeling tired most of the time, energy lower than usual and sleepy even after a good 8 hours of sleep. I thought first that it might be a lack of Vitamin D, so took Vitamin D supplements for a couple of weeks, but I did not feel any change. It cannot be the lack of exercise, because I do my workout on daily basis. I had a surfing week coming up in Sri Lanka, so all my energy was going to be needed and it wasn’t the time to be lazy nor sleepy. Taking vitamins and supplements is not really my thing, although I know it is quite normal and recommended but I believe that what we eat and our lifestyle is the main source of our energy. So, that’s how I was convinced it’s time to clean up my system through a detox, an experience I had last year for 8 days and, remembering the sense of achievement, I decided to do a detox on regular basis when I feel my body needs it.


Here is how my 6 days detox went


This time I wanted to take the detox to another level so I chose the “transformation” plan, which consists of less fruit intake and more leafy vegetables. I recommend this if you did detox before and if you like green juices. The main ingredients were cucumber, apple, celery, kale, spinach, lemon, and ginger. There was one drink labeled “black lemonaid” which was surprisingly good and was a lemonade infused with charcoal in it. The last bottle was usually vanilla cashew, the only drink that was made of nuts and dates.


What to expect from Day 1 to Day 6


On Day 1, I was determined and prepared mentally to stick to my juice diet knowing that I will have to resist the food cravings, especially during lunchtime when I have the habit of having lunch with my colleagues. By the afternoon, the food cravings did start to kick in and I could not take the idea that I’m only having juice and water, so I cheated with some raw almonds and couple of dates to get me going. The worse part was my MOOD! I had very short temper and it was difficult to speak to me without me snapping right back. I decided to skip the gym that day because I was tired, barely able to move and I went to slept early. On day 1, I recommend isolating yourself if you would like to keep your friends (lol!).


Day 2: I woke up in the morning so hungry but I waited a bit before having the first juice. I was starving and would have emptied out a complete bakery if I had the chance. Tip … do not eat! This feeling would last for 15 minutes and then you are back to normal and the first juice will be enough for you to start the day with. My energy was better than the first day and I went for a run in the evening, but only half the distance I usually do. I also had almonds, some raisins and a date over and above the juice bottles. I remember that day I made a pizza for my husband and brother. That was tough! Saying no to a homemade pizza…


Day 3 is the day where I started feeling the difference. I woke up without snoozing the alarm, feeling light, no bloating and ready for my day to begin. The energy I had was amazing and this feeling is what I was looking for from the detox diet. I was also more relaxed, comfortable with my body and definitely more fun to be around than the first and second day (at least that’s what I think LOL!)


Day 4: My energy level was still great but the feeling of starvation kicked it. I had thought I’m handling this diet well, but I couldn’t resist eating that day and I snuck in the office cafeteria that afternoon and grabbed a bag of chips, but then replaced it with a banana and apple when I got to the cashier. The feeling of guilt kicked in.


Day 5: I could run a marathon but all I was day dreaming about is what will be my first meal after the detox diet is complete.


Day 6: I felt I’ve cleaned my system, reset my body and flushed out all the toxins. I was focused at work, more patient, faster in the tasks I was doing and I was able to control my food cravings. I had a high level of energy. This day of the detox really proved the phrase “you are what you eat”. The juices I was having were organic, rich in all types of nutrients; minerals, fiber and many vitamins -> iron from spinach and dates, magnesium from kale, vitamin B from cucumber, vitamin C from lemon and celery, etc.)


That’s an overview of my six days detox... The experience differs for each person, so if you’ve tried it, let me know about your experience :) 

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