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Raw Vegan & Refined Sugar Free treats (4 Recipes)

The number of people turning vegan is increasing year after year… Some studies show that 2019 is the year where veganism goes mainstream… Whether this is correct or not, it is a fact that more people are shifting to vegan lifestyle whether for heath, environmental or animal rights reasons.

Thousands of people signed up to try Vegan lifestyle in January with Veganuary, some are doing it as “New year resolution” to start the year with a healthy diet, others consider it just a challenge for a month … Whatever the reason is, it’s great , keep it up and this post is to give you some ideas of quick and simple recipes that you can make.

I’ve combined in one post 4 different recipes of raw vegan and refined sugar free treats that are easy to make and require just couple of ingredients ; Date & Almond Truffles , Date & Carrot Energy balls, Chocolate hazelnut cookies and Strawberry cheesecake

1) Date & Almond Truffles

Ingredients (for approximately 22 truffles)

- 14 Medjool dates soaked in hot water for 30 minutes

- ½ cup Almonds

- 1 tbsp Almond butter

- 1 tbsp cocoa powder

- 1 tsp Vanilla

- Vegan dark chocolate – Melted


- Mix the dates, almonds, almond butter in a food processor until it forms a paste.. you may still have some small pieces of Almonds, I personally prefer to keep it

- Add cocoa powder, vanilla and continue blending . if you feel it’s too thick , add a tbsp of almond milk

- Take a tablespoon of the mixture and roll into a ball. Continue doing this until mixture has finished then place in the fridge for approximately 30 minutes for it to thicken

- In the meantime, melt dark chocolate , take out the date almond balls and dip each in the chocolate. Place again in the fridge for an hour

- Finish it by dipping again the truffles in cocoa powder or any other nuts of your choice

2) Date & Carrot Energy Balls

Ingredients (for approximately 12 balls)

- ½ cup carrots

- dash ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg

- 7 Medjool dates soaked in hot water

- 1 tsp Vanilla extract

- Coconut powder

- ¾ cup gluten free oats

- 1 tbsp almond milk as needed


- Blend first the oats, then add dates , carrots, spices, vanilla and milk only if you feel the dough is not blending well

- Take a tablespoon of the mixture and form a ball, continue doing until the mixture has finished then cover them with coconut powder.

3) Chocolate hazelnut cookies

Ingredients (for approximately 16 cookies)

- 7 Medjool dates soaked in water

- 1 cups Gluten free oats

- ¼ cup maple syrup

- 1 tsp vanilla

- ¼ cup hazelnut butter


- Blend in food processor dates, oats, then add maple syrup, vanilla and hazelnut butter

- take a tablespoon of the mixture and form a ball, keep in the fridge for an hour until it thickens then make a hole in the middle to get the form of a cookie. Add chocolate chip, walnuts of any other nut of your choice in the hole

4) Strawberry cheesecake


Base Layer

* 2 Cups Walnuts

* 1.5 Cup Medjool dates

Middle – cream layer

* 1.5 Cup raw cashew

* 3 tbsp coconut oil

* 3/4 cup coconut milk

* 1/2 cup unsweetened coconut flakes

Top – Strawberry layer

* 1 Cup fresh strawberries

* ¾ cup coconut milk

* 1/2 cup unsweetened coconut flakes

Note : You can add a tbsp of Maple Syrup if you want to make it sweeter


1. Soak cashew in warm water for at least an hour

2. Cut thin strips of paper and lie each on the bottom of a muffin tin. Choose the size you like, depends if you want to make them small bites or medium size pieces.

3. Start by Forming the base ; In a blender, put walnuts and dates until fully mixed and form a dough. Then add onto the muffin tin to make the base, keep in the freezer for 30 min.

4. meanwhile, prepare the medium layer by mixing all “cream layer” ingredients in a blender and freeze for an hour.

5. In food processor, mix half the strawberries with the rest of the ingredients to form the last layer. Then freeze for an hour.

6. Add the second and 3rd layer on top of the base and keep in the fridge to set. Decorate the top with the remaining pieces of strawberries.

Happy Veganuary !

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