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Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bites (Vegan )

As it’s obvious by now, snacks are an important part of my day, especially that I exercise on daily basis, I need a healthy but filling energy snack. I usually stay away from any powders and additions and stick to natural ingredients, but my husband just got this chocolate protein powder that was recommended by a health coach and it’s sugar free, so I thought maybe I can try it, at least every now and then.

My friend who is also a gym addict, tried these bites and loved them! and since he usually drinks chocolate protein shakes, he found it a great alternative to the shakes. So, 2 energy bites after a good workout fills you up with the protein, healthy fats and nutrients that you need.

Why these bites are high in protein? it’s because they’re made with Flax seeds and oats which are both loaded with healthy fats, fiber and nutrients, the peanut butter is also filled with fats and fiber. One serving of peanut butter has around 7 grams of protein. so, that’s a lot! and to top up the protein intake, the chocolate protein powder is a great addition. But if you decide to skip it, it will taste super good also.

So… having afternoon cravings? The energy balls will fill you up!

To do it, just combine all the below ingredients together, keep it in the fridge for 10 min to become more solid then make small balls and enjoy them!


½ Cup Peanut Butter

½ cup dark or semi-sweet chocolate chips

1 Cup gluten free oats

½ cup flaxseeds

1 tbsp Maple Syrup (or Honey if non-vegan)

2 tbsp cocoa powder

1 tsp vanilla

1 tbsp chocolate protein powder (if you omit it, replace with cocoa powder)

2-3 tbsp water (put 2 in the beginning and if you feel it’s not making a soft dough, add the third)

Let me know when you try it!


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