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Hazelnut & Date Cookie (Raw Vegan)

I usually prefer fruity snacks over dates as I feel they are lighter. Last week, while i was food shopping, I was tempted to get some dates and I was wondering what i can do with them. 

Obviously, you see in the picture that I ended up doing those no bake Hazelnut cookies with dates and oats :) and guess what, all my theory about fruity snacks being better is gone ! DELETE... because those are so so delicious and now i store them in my fridge all the time. 

It's funny to say, but I do crave my own sweets :) It's not quite humble but it's true ! and I really enjoy sharing those heavenly sweets with friends and family and see their face expressions after the first bite.

Those no-bake cookies are naturally sweetened with dates and packed with nutrients and iron from the oats. So they are healthy, tasty and great for those watching their calorie intake or just trying to eat healthier. 

Want to try them out ? check out the ingredients below 


- 1/2cup medjool dates

- 1 cup oats ( gluten free or normal)

- 1/4 cup maple syrup

- 1/2 tsp vanilla

- 1/3 cup hazelnut choco butter or you can use plan hazelnut butter or cashew butter


1) Soak the dates in hot water for around 10 minutes 

2) Meanwhile, Blend the oats in blender, on high speed until you get oat flour

3) Blend the dates with the oats until you get a dough

4) Add the remaining ingredients to the blender and mix 

5) make small round cookies , keep them in the fridge to be firm then add anything you like in the middle 



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