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Hello! I’m so happy you are here and reading a bit about me. I won’t make it too long - My Name is Eliane, I’m Lebanese, and I moved to Dubai in 2011 and I am now happily married :)

I made this website to share with you some recipes. It’s all about Gluten-free, Dairy-free and allergy friendly recipes in addition to some Vegan and Paleo ones. All made with very simple ingredients. I hope you will find something you like and get addicted too :)


Why I Love Baking…

Baking is magic, you add one ingredient on top of the other; they don’t necessarily look or taste nice by themselves, but somehow when you mix them together, watch the quantity and the sequence of mixing, add love and passion to your mix and magic happens! You get delicious, enjoyable, charming, divine, and delightful dessert which gets you drooling and gives you bursts of joy with every bite you have.

There is a connection between the baker and the food. Don’t ask me to explain it, I just know it. When I’m happy and listening to music while baking, the baked result are too good and I get creative and make the best cakes and desserts - even the most complicated ones become easy. On the other hand, if I bake  when I’m tired, it becomes a complete mess! So, baking is my happy place and my way to express my feelings. 

How I Started…

Since I was a kid, I used to look forward to come back home from school and see what my mom had baked. There was always something in the oven, she was and still is creative and filled the house with homemade goodies that taste and smell so good. I was addicted to that smell and it made home a warm and cozy place. I never really tried to help her preparing them, I was just enjoying eating them. At that time, becoming a baker was never something I imagined.

Later on, when I moved and lived by myself, I started making my own food and learned cooking and then moved to baking. I also developed an allergy to anything that contains dairy products, peanuts, cherries, and gluten. I wasn’t aware at the beginning until it became really severe and had to do medical check-ups to know the reason of the sickness. Since then, I had to change my eating habits and diet completely. At the beginning it was really difficult. At that time, gluten and dairy free options were limited and there weren’t too many restaurants that are allergy friendly so I was obliged to make my own food. That in addition to the fact that I do not eat meat, chicken, and fried/oily food, made outings to restaurants not the most enjoyable experience.

I also had another small problem. I love dessert and no matter how much I try to stop, it just doesn’t work. I gained few kilos when I changed my diet because most of the gluten and dairy options that I found were full of sugar. So that’s when I decided to stop and just do my own dessert and snacks, and here I am today 


Besides baking, I like:

- Watersports

- basketball

- Boxing

- travelling and collecting souvenirs from each country

- vine leaves & hummus (haha)

- good coffee

- salsa and R&B music

- my family, my nephew, my niece, and my friends

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